A number of years ago Peter Hutchins, with the assistance of Rarihokwats, embarked upon a project to edit and organize his collected articles, presentations, and other musing in book form for publication. The assembled writings totaled close to 1500 pages and requests to publishers resulted in polite demurrals. The plan then shifted to electronic publishing, starting with putting selected essays up on the firm’s website while editing carries on.

The idea of the project was to trace the evolution of Aboriginal law, primarily in Canada, since the early 1980’s and Peter Hutchins’ observations and reactions over the years, as practitioner and litigator, to this legal and societal evolution, in fact, not far removed from a revolution. The desire was to show the materials in real time, as events unfolded, and as understood at the time. Only what seems to be essential updating required to provide context and continuity has and will continue to be supplied. In the meantime, the initial sample appearing today should provide the reader with a foretaste of what is to come.