Discover our history

The firm has serviced Aboriginal people and communities for more than forty years by assisting them with Aboriginal law and other legal matters under the direction of the law firm’s senior members, Peter W. Hutchins and Monique Caron.  

From the start, the firm’s lawyers have been breaking new ground in Aboriginal law litigation and negotiations involving historic, contemporary and international treaties. We have worked with Bookscommunities who sought relief or the implementation of measures on a full range of legal matters including human rights, environmental, administrative and economic matters. The law firm’s lawyers have developed expertise in negotiation, mediation, litigation, counsel and special advisory work for First Nations, Métis and Inuit people across Canada and in New York State.

Because of our firm’s acquired experience and knowledge, governments have also sought out our services on Aboriginal governance, treaty implementation and legislative drafting.

Our law firm continues to build its reputation for delivering effective and creative solutions to the varied, often complex legal matters that Aboriginal people and communities face. We take pride in our history of building long-term relationships with our clients by working with them to develop their goals and adjusting our strategies as our clients’ needs evolve.